Our new Student Representative Council (SRC) ran its first school fundraising activity this week in the form of a Costume Day. Students surrendered a gold coin for the privilege of dressing in costume or mufti. There was a wide range of inventive costumes. The SRC had difficulty deciding on the ultimate winners! … I think the photos on page 3 tell the story best!

On the theme of building resilience and coping skills, next week our Year 7 students will embark on five days of water safety activities at Balmoral Beach. The Water Awareness program aims to provide training to our Year 7 students around water safety. Mrs Terrey and the PE Department, have had huge success over the years in encouraging students to approach the ocean safely, whilst having fun. Looking over the forecast for next week, it appears that the students will have some warm weather. Thus, please remind your son/daughter that it is their responsibility to ensure they are adequately protected from the sun. As there is not a huge amount of shade at the venue, students will need to cover up by regularly applying sunscreen and wearing sun protective clothing at all times. All the best to our Year 7 cohort who will no doubt enjoy the week.

Originally posted 20 November 2017

Around this time of the year, many young people will be making decisions about taking the next big step in their lives – moving on from high school into the workforce or on to university or TAFE. But are you ready to go? Read More

Presented by KYDS Youth Development Service Lindfield

Wednesday, 18 January 2018 at 11:00-15:00

Social skills building workshop for young people about to make the move from a smaller, more supportive Primary school to a larger, more self-directed High School environment:

  • Being prepared
  • Creating Confidence
  • Building Resilience
  • Changing Friendships
  • New Freedoms & Increased Independence
  • Coping Skills

A hands-on, half-day workshop that includes all materials and a light lunch. Separate free parent information session has been planned for January 17.

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Contact: KYDS Youth Development Service phone: (02) 9416 0900 email: counsellor@kyds.org.au