P&C Grant Application in 4 Easy Steps

  • Download and complete the Small Grants Online Form
  • Submit your completed form to grants@stivespandc.com
  • Your application will be tabled for consideration at the next available P&C Meeting and you will be informed as to the date. We encourage applicants to attend the meeting at which their application is to be considered.
  • P&C Members discuss your proposal then vote on whether it should be approved. The decision is minuted and confirmed via email. If you have any questions regarding this scheme please email: grants@stivespandc.com

Our P&C Grants Scheme helps us direct funds to areas of need identified by our school commummity

Your P&C Voluntary Contribution in action

2015 saw the creation of the St Ives High P&C Grants Scheme, providing a simple and accessible process for St Ives High Staff, students and school community to apply for P&C funding for projects and equipment that benefit the school community and promote the welfare, enjoyment and recreation of the students.

Since launching the P&C Grants Scheme the P&C has granted over $100,000 to projects for the benefit of the SIHS school community.

Supporting our school Musical Program “Matilda the Musical”- Every 2 years, our talented students, parents and teachers put on the most fantastic and fabulous musical on for the school community and the wider community. In 2019, The P&C supported the School Musical with a grant of $34,000. This helped in professional coaching, stage preparation and props.