Tackling Transport and Traffic Issues

How We Started This Journey

St Ives P&C worked with the School to develop a survey designed to:

  • Investigate the scale and nature of the problems students currently face getting to and from school so that we can lobby for improved transport services.
  • Investigate traffic congestion issues around the school and its causes, and to lobby for measures to reduce congestion, ensure pedestrian safety and improve traffic management.

Each family received their unique link to the Survey via an invite sent to the email address they use for SIHS communications.

Survey Update

Thank you to all the families who participated in our SIHS P&C Student Transport and Traffic Survey.

We had an amazing 46% response rate!

400 Surveys were completed!

Over the coming weeks we will be working hard to prepare the survey reports so we can start lobbying on your behalf.

Watch this space!

How Do We Use This Survey?

We will be segmenting your feedback by electorate (based on your suburb), collating it and sending a report to your local MP, Transport NSW and a copy to TransDev.
We will also produce a report detailing the data on how our students are travelling to and from school. We will de-identify the feedback section by removing your name and email address before making this report available to the SIHS Community.

It’s Up To You!

The more SIHS families that responded to this survey with their insights, the more powerful our voice were. We were more likely to be heard if the majority of families participated.

Why Do We Need Your Data?

We will leave the name and email address that you supply in the feedback section in this report to your MP, Transdev and Transport NSW. It is important that they can see this is genuine feedback from their constituents.