St Ives High Student Transport Plan

We believe that the St Ives High School Student Transport Plan should:

Be Fair and Safe for all students – in area students should not be disadvantaged by the suburb they are travelling from. Travel arrangements should not compromise student safety (whether as a traveller or pedestrian).

Be Sustainable – provide an integrated service that encourages students to make sustainable travel choices by offering a reliable service with sufficient capacity

Aim to minimize congestion in the area around SIHS – enable students to make transport choices that do not add to traffic congestion and impact upon pedestrian safety.

St Ives High & Primary - Transport & Traffic Group Page

We have a Facebook page where you can share your traffic and transport concerns. Pictures can have so much more impact than words! We would ask, however, that if your picture has a student in it that you send it to us so that we can de-identify the student and post the picture.