This Survey is now CLOSED!

Thank you all who took the time and filled out/mailed out the survey.

St Ives High P&C would like you to share them with us!

We have recently surveyed our school community to find out about their traffic and transport issues. We had a 46% response rate. As our neighbour, we would now like hear from you about what your concerns are.

St Ives High P&C has formed a Traffic Working Group to investigate traffic congestion issues around the school and its causes, and to lobby for measures to reduce congestion, ensure pedestrian safety and improve traffic management.  We have also formed a Student Transport Working Group to investigate the scale and nature of the problems students currently face getting to and from school so that we can lobby for improved transport services. Together, we believe that the St Ives High Traffic & Student Transport Plan should: 

Aim to minimize congestion in the area around SIHS – enable our school community to make transport choices that do not add to traffic congestion and impact upon pedestrian safety.
Be Safe –Travel arrangements should not compromise anyone’s safety, whether as a traveller or pedestrian. We need to educate our community to ensure safe driver and pedestrian behaviour.
Be Sustainable – encourage our school community to make sustainable travel choices by offering improved pedestrian facilities, traffic management and reliable public transport services with sufficient capacity

We will use all our feedback to lobby the decision makers in local government and NSW Transport for change, as well as Ku-ring-gai Council.