Successful Grant Application for
Speed Awareness Radar on Horace Street!


The Traffic & Transport Group have successfully secured a Speed Awareness Radar from Digital Vortec. We will locate this device on Horace Street to gather speed data on this busy regional road.

Since 2020, our Working Group has campaigned for improved traffic management and pedestrian safety in the Yarrabung Schools Precinct, as well as better public transport.

Located on the west side of the St Ives Schools Precinct, Horace Street is a four-lane regional road with a signalised pedestrian crossing located roughly at the midpoint. Drivers are often seen running the red light at this crossing, putting pedestrians at risk.

At either end of Horace Street pedestrians regularly cross  the road at the Stanley Street and Eastern Arterial Road roundabouts. There are no traffic calming measures in place to slow traffic before these crossing points.

The speed data that will be gathered by this unit gives us a great opportunity to access effective traffic calming solutions where needed, and in doing so, improve pedestrian safety.