We are a community of volunteer members made up of parents/carers of students at St Ives High School that work together:

  • to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation; and
  • to assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and in promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school.


Bushcare Regeneration
Grants Program
Grounds Committee
Musical/Movie Production
Transport & Traffic
Uniform Shop

We develop a strong school community and partnership between the staff, the students, and the parents so our school continues to provide a quality education. We do this in the following ways:

  • P&C Meetings – P & C meetings provide a forum for parents to learn about the activities at the school, raise concerns and have input into the decisions affecting their children
  • Small Grants Program – Working closely with the Principal and Teaching Executive to identify and help fund an extensive and diverse range of activities and services for our students.
  • Uniform Shop
  • Events such as Year 7 Orientation Day, Year 12 Graduation
  • School Plan Consultation – Participation in consultative evaluation, planning and decision-making, every 3 years, to make sure the plan is based on the needs of all members of the school community.

Funds we raise go to programs and initiatives such as:

  • Student personal development and wellness
  • Health projects: sunshades, sun safety, hand sanitiser, thermometers
  • Enhance teaching and learning
  • Music programs
  • Major project such as Air conditioning, school hall upgrade ($200K NSW My Community Project Grant), Community Hub Project ($164K grant + P&C )
  • School IT support
  • Events such as 12 Graduation


The P&C meets twice, during school terms in the MFS (Multi-Function Space) room in the Admin building. We also host online meetings when we are unable to meet on site. Meetings start at 7:30pm and finish around 9:30pm. All parents and interested citizens are very welcome!

If you have a suggestion or a great idea, share it at our next meeting! You can send your suggestions for an agenda item discussion to secretary@stivespandc.com

Top 3 reasons to attend a P&C meeting:

  1. To hear the inside scoop on happenings at SIHS
  2. To meet other members of the SIHS community
  3. To shape the future of SIHS

2022 meeting dates

  • 24 February

  • 31 March

  • 19 May

  • 23 June

  • 11 August

  • 15 September

  • 10 November AGM

  • 8 December

Agendas, Minutes and Reports



Membership is open to:

  • All parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school.
  • All citizens within the school community.
  • The Principal of the school, or the Principal’s nominee, shall be a member, ex officio, of the P&C Association and its sub-committees.
    School staff may become members of the P&C Association.
  • Employees of the P&C Association can be a member; however, they will need to understand the Conflict of Interests and be aware of potential conflicts when attending and participating in a meeting

How do people become financial members of our P&C Association?

By paying the prescribed annual subscription (membership fee) of $1 to the Treasurer or nominee and their name recorded in the register of members. The register of members is updated at the close of a General Meeting and the close of the Annual General Meeting. The new member will be able to have voting rights in the following meeting.

What are the benefits of a financial membership?

  • A financial member is able to participate in the democratic decision-making processes of the P&C Association.
  • A financial member can be nominated and can hold an official position on the P&C
  • A financial member who ‘consents’ to becoming a member of the organisation earns the rights and obligations under the law that regulates our P&C (ie. Federation of P&C Association NSW) and our own SIHS P&C Constitution.

NB. SIHS P&C ASSOC INC is a member of and follows the guidelines set by Federation of Parents and Citizens Association NSW. Our constitution and by-laws are prescribed by Federation of P&C Assoc NSW. For more info please click to Federation of P&C Assoc NSW page.

>> Email our Secretary to become a member




Christopher Kirk

Vice President
Katherine Kirk

Vice President
Andrew Glover

Kim McAdam

Kerren Lumsden



P&C Executive:


Uniform Shop:

Andrea L (Convenor)
Claire T, Kim M, Jan E, Nicky N (Uniform Shop Manager) Email


Peter D, Clive L  Email


Christina L, Tracey W

Bush Care Regeneration:

Meredith H


Tracey W Email


Nicky N & Poune’ P Email

Transport & Traffic Working Group:

Sarah G (Convenor), Liz P, Libby C, Keith O, Andrew G, Meredith H Email

Hearing Support Representative:

Katherine K   Email

SIHS Delegate for North Sydney P&C Federation Electoral Area:

Keith Oliver