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Check it out!!! New bus services!!!

Happy New Year!!! We’re nearing the pointy end of the holidays, organising stationery and discovering uniforms no longer fit. And while there may be some concerns around what term 1 looks like, we know you’ll be excited by this news from Transport for NSW:

January 22nd, 2022|

We have a great school!

Our recent strong academic results and population growth in the North Shore is reflected in the surge in enrolments at St Ives High School (SIHS). This has put a high degree of stress on existing transport and traffic infrastructure, in particular, the shared school bus service with Killara High School, and pedestrian safety around in the schools’ precinct.

We believe that the St Ives High School Student Transport Plan should:

Be Fair and Safe for all students – in area students should not be disadvantaged by the suburb they are travelling from. Travel arrangements should not compromise student safety (whether as a traveller or pedestrian).

Be Sustainable – provide an integrated service that encourages students to make sustainable travel choices by offering a reliable service with sufficient capacity

Aim to minimize congestion in the area around SIHS – enable students to make transport choices that do not add to traffic congestion and impact upon pedestrian safety.

Campaign reports

Please find below the links to the reports.

Campaign Overview

St Ives High School Parent and Student Survey

We surveyed our school community to find out about their traffic and transport issues with an outstanding 46% response rate.

Northern Draw Primary P&C Assn Petition

Many thanks to the following public school P&C associations who worked together to with their local school community to petition for improved transport options to St Ives High.

  • Asquith Public School P&C
  • Hornsby North Public School P&C
  • Mt Colah Public School P&C
  • Mt Kuring-gai Public School P&C
  • Waitara Public School P&C

We have collated the results of the petition demonstrating that this issue has a current and future impact on a significant number of families in at least 10 suburbs which could be improved by simple changes and additions to the current bus and train timetables.

This petition with supporting letter signed by P&C Presidents’ has been sent to our local members of parliament, representatives from Transdev and Department of Transport as well as local councillors to push for positive change.

These changes would take cars off the congested roads between Berowra and St Ives, reduce the stress associated with travel to school, and allow our kids to enjoy their time at St Ives High School including participation in extracurricular activities.

St Ives Local Residents Outreach

We canvased the immediate neighbourhood, over 700 homes, to gather local experience of traffic congestion.

St Ives Public School Survey

New Bus Service Stories 2020


During 2020 St Ives P&C worked closely with the School, local community and primary schools in the northern draw catchment to:

  • Investigate the scale and nature of the problems students currently face getting to and from school so that we can lobby for improved transport services.
  • Investigate traffic congestion issues around the school and its causes, and to lobby for measures to reduce congestion, ensure pedestrian safety and improve traffic management.

Our School Catchment Area

The St Ives High School Catchment Area is unique in that it includes the local St Ives Area plus Hornsby and suburbs north of Hornsby as far as Mount Ku-Ring-Gai. Nearly 50% of our total student population currently resides outside the St Ives Catchment which means they rely on public transport to get to and from school.

Educational resources:

Who Else Have We Reached Out To?

We have reached out to Killara High School with whom we share the first afternoon bus service to Gordon Station. This shared bus service currently starts at Killara High, which can mean that it is very often late to pick up SIHS students in time for the first through Berowra train from Gordon (15:45).

How have we used the results?

We have segmented all the feedback by electorate (based on your suburb), collating it and sending a report to your local MP, Transport NSW and a copy to TransDev.

We have also produced a report detailing the data on how our students are travelling to and from school. All data has been de-identify by removing names and email address before making this report available to the SIHS Community.


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