We are

We are a community of volunteer members that work together and alongside the school.

We are one family with a common goal.

We are YOU.

Year Coordinators

Year Coordinator Convenor: Liz Paul ( year.convenor@stivespandc.com )

Year 7 – 2019: Ghretta Smith, Juanita Marais, Kishore Sundaresan (grad2024@stivespandc.com)

Year 7: Kerren Lumsden  (grad2023@stivespandc.com )

Year 8: Tracey Johnson & Kristine Paikin ( grad2022@stivespandc.com )

Year 9: Christina Loebel & Kellie Parkin ( grad2021@stivespandc.com )

Year 11(2019): Tracey Wallbridge & Meredith Hunter ( grad2020@stivespandc.com )

Year 12(2019): Nilu Habibi & Libby Cameron (grad2019@stivespandc.com)

Coordinators of Subcommittees & Working Groups

Uniform Shop: Nilu Habibi (Convenor), Charnelle Flowers, Rebecca Lyster, Stephen Bryant (uniforms@stivespandc.com)

Website & Communications Coordinators: Nilu Habibi & Kellie Parkin (communications@stivespandc.com)

Grounds Coordinators: Christina Loebel

Bush Care Regeneration Coordinator: Meredith Hunter

Grants Coordinator: Libby Cameron (grants@stivespandc.com)

Events Coordinators: Nicky Nolan & Tracey Johnson (events@stivespandc.com)

eBranch: Keith Oliver (read more on what eBranch is)

Delegate for North Sydney P&C Federation: Keith Oliver

Upcoming P&C events

12sep7:30 pm10:00 pmP&C General Meeting

07nov7:30 pm10:00 pmP&C Annual General Meeting

12dec7:30 pm10:00 pmP&C General Meeting