Transport, Traffic and Road Safety

In March 2020 St Ives High P&C formed a Transport and Traffic Working Group to investigate transport and traffic issues that affected the SIHS Community so that we can lobby for change.

Travel Related Issues Affect Everyone
  • Students who are directly experiencing ever-increasing travel times on public transport,
  • Pedestrians navigating the ever increasing traffic volumes around the school, or
  • The environmental impact of more cars on the road.

Road Safety Around School: A Major Concern

Road safety issues around schools are managed by state and local government authorities.

Ku-ring-gai Council provides free road safety resources to schools located in the Ku-ring-gai local government area, to raise road safety awareness in school zones.

Children (even teenagers) are quick to move and need special care to keep them from danger on the roads, especially near schools. Often they are not concentrating while crossing or take unnecessary chances.

Drivers and Pedestrians should take extra care while around school zones.

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