What we do

We develop a strong school community and partnership between the staff, the students, and the parents so our school continues to provide a quality education.

We Have Meetings

P & C meetings provide a forum for parents to learn about the activities at the school, raise concerns and have input into the decisions affecting their children.

Small Projects Grants Program

Working closely with the Principal and Teaching Executive to identify and help fund an extensive and diverse range of activities and services for our students.

Get Social

Drawing people together and create a social community within the school for both students and parents.

School Plan Consultation

Participation in consultative evaluation, planning and decision-making to make sure the plan is based on the needs of all members of school community.


Making significant improvements to our current school facilities as well as providing funds for new initiatives and ongoing projects.

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P&C Initiatives


Funding allocation

Enhance teaching and learning
Student personal development and wellness
Environment and infrastructure maintenance
School community
Music program
Major project: Air conditioning


Funding allocation

Student personal development and wellness
Health project: Sunshade and Sun Safety
Enhance teaching and learning
Major Works: Environment and infrastructure maintenance
School community
School IT review and support